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ALORA CRUCIBLE is a trio performing experimental and modern transcendental music. Composer Toby Driver is joined by Timba Harris and Ana Cristina Pérez Ochoa to create sophisticated and transformative soundscapes unlike anything heard before. The instrumentation makes use of violin, synthesizers, hammered dulcimer, guitar, environmental sounds, voice, and world percussion.

ALORA CRUCIBLE is soon to release their second album, Oak Lace Apparition, on the UK-based label House of Mythology this summer.

For booking or press materials, please contact aloracrucible at the obvious gmail address or via social media.

Toby Driver is a prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist who navigates between genres. He is “a tirelessly inventive recording artist” (PopMatters) whose work––impressionistic, architectural and emotionally vulnerable––has been described as “unlike any other” (The Quietus), displaying “A greater vision of how music can evoke feelings both grandiose and devastatingly intimate.” (Vice/Noisey). His multifarious projects share a sensitive and detail oriented composition ranging from the metaphysical to the avant-garde, and an insatiable search for the new: there’s “absolutely nothing to compare it against.” (Echoes and Dust)

Alora Crucible, his most recent musical identity, explores transcendental instrumental music with Driver on guitar and hammered dulcimer in collaboration with violinist Timba Harris and keyboardist and singer Ana Cristina Pérez Ochoa. With their autumn 2021 debut, Thymiamatascension (released on the enigmatic and elite House of Mythology label in the company of titans Ulver and Current 93,) Alora Crucible has made a strong and immediate statement about this music’s exalted place in Driver’s diverse body of work and has shown that his reputation as “one of the most endlessly creative and thrilling band leaders” (Treblezine) is a well-earned one.

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Listen to the previous album, Thymiamatascension:

"Synaxarion of John Abject" live in Willems, France, 2022

"Cenote Vacío" live at Lunasa Cascadia Festival, 2023